Put your balance sheet to work and start earning today

Conduit Treasury offers flexibility and a high yield on your idle cash.
Available in Canada and US

Earn higher yields

Traditional savings interest is so low, it's hardly worth the effort of opening an account. Conduit can product yields of 4% or more - a flexible and simple tool for treasury managers

Maintain liquidity

Conduit accounts are flexible and secure, keeping your funds liquid.

Gain visibility

Conduit’s dashboard makes it easy to view and manage your funds.

Here's how it works


Schedule a demo with our team

A team member will walk you through Conduit Treasury and learn more about your business.

Connect your existing bank account

Easily deposit funds with a lump sum or schedule automated recurring deposits.

Put your money to work

Manage your balance and watch your account grow.

High yield savings is just the start

Transaction management
Third party integrations
4% yield
Wire Transfers and ACH
Virtual cards (coming soon)
Debit Card (coming soon)

Frequently asked questions

How can you offer higher yields?
Conduit partners with regulated cryptocurrency lenders and uses decentralized finance protocols. With lending, funds are placed on platforms that generate yield from institutional borrowers. Some of the interest paid by borrowers is then shared with those who supply capital (also referred to as liquidity), paid out in stablecoins like USDC. With DeFi protocols, instead of a centralized platform, funders put value in an automated liquidity pool that collects fees for transactions and rewards the liquidity providers. 
Are accounts FDIC insured?
Funds being deployed in stablecoins like USDC are not FDIC insured bank deposits. However, Conduit utilizes fully reserve-backed stablecoins, insured lenders, and transparent, well-governed protocols for yield generation.
Are there minimum required balance?
Subledgered accounts at the user level do not have a minimum balance requirement, however aggregate value in Conduit for one company must be at least USD 50,000. For the Corporate Treasury product, a minimum of USD 1 million of capital must be deployed in Conduit. There are no account maximum limits.
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