Offer safe crypto yield to your users

Launch an interest-bearing stablecoin account using yield strategies evaluated for security, transparency, liquidity and APY

Why use Conduit for
your yield?

Access curated yield strategies

We've evaluated over 200 protocols to design yield strategies optimized for security, transparency, liquidity and APY
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Most of our clients create one account per user, but your use case may require more

Configurable asset pools

Easily allow higher-return yields for different users or products, such as higher risk appetite accounts or loyalty programs.
"We prefer offering safe, highly liquid yield strategies, but some of our customers were asking for riskier accounts for higher yields. Conduit enables both with one API."

Allow multiple currencies under one account holder

Let users hold value in multiple stablecoins to avoid inflationary fiat currencies
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Connect your existing bank account

Easily deposit funds with a lump sum or schedule automated recurring deposits.


The Conduit API makes creating accounts for users simple. We work through the compliance, regulation and KYC/KYB requirements, so you don't have to.

Account Management

Instantly create customer accounts as needed. Each account receives a unique account number and can be managed separately.
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Asset Pools

Pools provide an abstraction over the different mechanisms Conduit offers, on top of the basic asset custody functionality.
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Track customer balances, interest, and transactions in real time, while serving as your book of record.
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