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Enabling DeFi products your customers want in days, not months.

Conduit’s approach streamlines integration and minimizes go-to-market hurdles when implementing crypto-based services.
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Neobanks, fintechs, and challengers:

We set up the infrastructure, and you can provide customers with easy access to crypto-based services.
Customizable plug-and-play API
Conduit enables customer and product experiences using our easy to use plug-and-play API.
Maximize new
revenue opportunities
Customers can earn more money with APYs at 50X the average savings account.*
Lightning-fast speed to market
You’ll be up and running in days – not weeks or months.
* Compared to the average bank interest: Interest bearing checking .03%, savings accounts .06%

We deliver crypto-backed earnings to everyone

Among consumers who already hold cryptocurrencies, 60% said they'd definitely use their bank if it offered them the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies—and another 32% said they might do so.
Cash App generated $5.9 billion in revenue in 2020

A 353% annual increase

Cash App has acquired

36 million monthly active users

Over 100 million downloads

Your customers want simple, easy, and secure access to digital assets

You’ll earn more revenue, lower customer acquisition costs, and get higher lifetime value from your user base. Your customers will receive higher returns, stay loyal longer, and enjoy value-driven products that are simple for everyone to use.
Customers can earn more money with APYs at 50x the average savings account.
Allow even your non-technical users to participate in staking, earning interest and rewards.
Multi-currency savings / access
Use Conduit to let your users access stable tokenized currencies.
Secure single point of access
Using Conduit’s customizable plug-and-play API, access a variety of different protocols
and blockchains through a single interface.

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Conduit is part of a unique ecosystem that connects entrepreneurs and industry leaders to create opportunities that accelerate success.

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